Thursday, 11 September 2008

North Italy: The Bolzano Balls up

Bolzano: Mountains, valleys and cafes. The people were nice, although we only saw about 12 in total. Bolzano was very very quiet. My guess was that everyone in the city caught news of the doomsday rainstorm sweeping across Europe. Everyone except of course the organisers of our out-door performance, who insisted that the ocean of water hovering over the city would have subsided by the morning. Hofesh fiddled with lights well into the early hours; the dancers ate food and drank beer.

The next day it rained. Our outdoor stage was now a lake, and we were moved to a “plan B” venue.

So, 8pm the night of the show while outside the heavens opened, Hofesh was re-fiddling lights, speaking only under his breath. Helen was running around with a pair of scissors and the dancers sat quietly in the auditorium of a random theatre. The technicians were gone (outside collecting two of every animal I shouldn’t wonder), and with 20mins to go the evening very nearly didn’t happen.

The lights eventually came up and we did our thing. A good show, and a great debut from our wonderful Jenny. Sadly, with morale as it was she could have ridden a space hopper on stage without a blink from Hofesh. Cheer up boss. As they say in Italy … “It was a crap day”

High Point – Food, Food, Food.
Low Point – Any low point I suffered was dwarfed by Hofesh’s 3am lighting focus, only to hear at 12pm that it is going to rain, like those silly scientists predicted.

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