Thursday, 4 September 2008

U.S., Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival: Disneyland of dance 9-13 July

There are many wonderful and terrifying things in America; the small town of Lee had the Black Bear and “Friendly’s Easy Diner”. I exchanged some dollars in Berkshire Bank, “America’s most exciting bank”. I knew from that moment there was not a lot do in the Berkshires, Massachusetts. Thanks to beer, Skype and a swimming pool (if you didn’t mind cleansing it of dead insects every morning.) we still managed to have an incredible time despite our remote location. The festival was amazing. If Ted Shawn were ever to have had a playboy mansion, it would have looked like Jacobs Pillow. We performed in a barn, which was a luxury compared to the musician’s shed. Every face had a smile, every house had a flag, and every day I replaced water, oxygen and fruit with bacon, eggs and coffee. Bears were seen, mosquitoes were felt, and much much praise was heard.

Low point – dragging myself back into my sweat sodden costume for anight’s performance after a matinee.

High point – Some brilliant American slants on foreign names and places. I never knew Hofesh once danced for Butt-shaver Dance Company. The new troupe, dancers, musicians and techies are the best you’d be lucky enough to meet. They will drag me happily through the remaining 27 venues to December. Next up, Greece.Check out reviews from our USA performances here

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